Minority Coaches Overlooked in the NFL

At the end of the 2019 NFL season, there were five coaches fired. Of those five open positions, only one was filled by a minority coach. The lone minority hire was Ron Rivera, who is a retread fired from the Carolina Panthers job the same week.

Eric Bieniemy, Kanas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

Robert Selah, San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator

George Edwards, Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator

Other names to watch

Before I go on to discuss the above three top minority coaches, I just wanted to mention others who may soon be deserving of a head coaching job.

How do they compare?

The question will always be if they are as qualified for the job as the ones hired for the jobs. The 2020 crop of newly hired coaches includes Rivera who is an established, successful head coach and Mike McCarthy who has won a Super Bowl. It’s fair to say it’s hard to argue any of the above coaches are better hires than these two, so we’ll exclude them from this comparison.

Wrapping it up

There may be more head coaching positions open in 2020. Of the hires so far Rhule may be a risk but also has shown the ability to turn around a program. Judge, on the other hand, is a complete and incomprehensible hire when there are so many established minority coaches that are more qualified on their own merits. It may be a case of incompetence in the Giants' front office. Dave Gettleman may be among the worst general managers in the league having traded away Odell Beckham Jr., over drafting David Jones and sending of several picks and an Olivier Vernon for relatively scant return.

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